Data Scraping with Unreliable Selectors

I am using Data scraping to scrap structured spanned data. But the problem is there is no next page selector instead there is scroll button which makes it not possible to scrap the whole data. Any solutions for that?

Can i get the website LINK so i CAN GIVE SOLUTION


If data scraping is unable to detect scroll button selector, can you try with Ui Explorer which makes custom selector?

There is also a problem. Clicking it will add just one new element so again it will scrap the same data except one new.

Even UI Exp is not able to detect that scroll bar

Any scroll bar like on social media having huge data.

Would you please share some link related on that then i can do

you can take your connections on insta for ref there is only scroll bar.

So let us take this website only for reference you can extract if its scroll down is there no issues it will extract right

Yes Plz check that option - data spanned over multi pages and select next link selector