Data scraping - WAITFORREADY property

Hi :).
Does anyone know where can I find WAITFORREADY property for DataScraping activity.
I have situation where DataScraping doesn’t work sometimes- it does’t return all rows.
Can it be solved by setting waitforready property?


Could you please try Wait for page load option in target section on Extract table data activity. you have to click dropdown and select the value complete. it would help you to extract the data after page load completely on the screen.

Is there any property inside DataScraping activity where I can define to wait while all page is loaded?


Is that possible?

In classing design experience we have only extract structure data activity. Go to target section and enable the wait for ready option to complete and try. thanks.

Ok, I tryed with WaitForReady, but it doesn’t work. Sometimes it returns all rows, but sometimes not. Is there anything else I can set?

please enable modern design experience in your project settings and it enable option extract table data activity. please use that activity it will extract the table data properly.

I’m using Studio 2021.10.3 version. How can I enable that modern design expirience?



the screenshot you shared is studio settings.

In your project → project settings

I’ve change it, but I still cann’t see TableExtraction activity in the toolbar? Should I do something more?

HI @Olivera_Kalinic

  • Modern experience - The Table Extraction wizard is available for data scraping.
  • Classic experience - The Data Scraping and Screen Scraping wizards are available.

Take a look in this thread


I understand all of this, but I am wondering how to add Table Extraction to Design toolbar for the project with classic expirience. How to change it to be Modern expirience oriented?
I used to use Data Scraping activity, but now it is not working properly (not returning all rows), so I have to try with Table Extraction…

HI @Olivera_Kalinic

If you want classic design experience in your project. Go to the project settings under the general tab disable the modern experience you got the data scrapping and screen scrapping.
Likewise mention above go to general tab if you want to classic design just enable the modern design experience
you got the table extraction. In table extraction you can limit the rows and columns and also number of pages.
I hope you will be understand. Have a try.


No, I want modern design expirience, but when I choose it through project settings , it doesn’t appear in Design toolbar:

Hi @Olivera_Kalinic

Below screenshot is classic design look at the ribbon there is data scrapping, screen scrapping, recording.

Below screenshot is modern design when you enable the modern design you got this option in ribbon.



if you are not able see it as icon in the studio. try to search in the activities section like extract table data to get that activity. before that restart your studio once.

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Can you try option called DelayBetweenPagesMS

What values should I set for DelayBetweenPagesMS to get all data from the table?

Default is 300ms. You can slightly increase and give a different number and try again if it’s not yet solved.