Data Scraping Using Object Repository

Guys, I want to fetch the data from the table for Nifty Small Cap 100 from the site, but it should be done using Object Repository. Can anyone help or suggest how to scrap data(Data Scraping) using Object Repository?

Task :

  1. Go to site

  2. Select Nifty Small Cap 100

  3. Extract the table and add the data extracted in an Excel.

Requirement: Use Object repository

Try to use “Table Extraction” Tool and then add it to Repository, so it can be re-used.


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Thank you very much for your response and help… I have added the extracted data in an Excel sheet using Modern activities like Excel Process Scope-Use Excel File- Write data Table to Excel however, I did not find any option to add it to the Object repository…

Is it the case that we cannot add certain activities to the object repository?

I’m not sure I understand correctly. What exactly do you want to add to the Object Repository? You can only add UI-Stuff…

You can’t add “Excel Activities” to Object Repository, that’s not the point of it.

See here:
The Object Repository ensures the management, reusability, and reliability of UI elements by capturing them as objects in a DOM-like repository, sharable across projects. It allows for creating and reusing UI taxonomies inside and across automation projects. With Object Repository you can build a UI API for your application and share it with your team within minutes.


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“You can only add UI-Stuff”… This sentence has cleared my every doubt now… Thanks once again Narida.

Glad to help, you can mark it as solution and then the topic should get closed. :slight_smile:

Happy automation.

Ya sure…I am closing the topic now.

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