Data Scraping Tool - Can I Define Field Type in Datatable

Hey there!

Sorry if the title is confusing, trying my best to explain it. So I use the data scraping tool within Studio and selected the data within a webpage that I wanted to grab. I have it output going to a datatable. It didn’t have me created a datatable, it just sorta says it’ll go to one. I guess it auto creates it? My question though is if there is a way I can define the field types that are being created for the table. I noticed that the data itself is all over the place.

In the screenshot below, you can see that it is recognizing some of the fields as strings because it is wrapping around " " but others are not. I actually want three fields to be strings and wrapped in " ". Is there a way to force that?


Hi @mrtnader

You can specify the column type by using Extract Table Data from Modern Activities:

ohhh, okay ill give this a try later tonight or tomorrow and let you know! Thanks!

Ahh, unfortunately that didn’t wrap them either. Is there a way I can add my own " " to the data to ensure that it gets wrapped in string text? The reason I ask is because I am trying to eventually push this data in a SQL Table and looks like it needs strings.