Data scraping: the output is empty when a row is added to the table

I need to extract a datatable that adds a row when a user submit a transaction, and the table shows the status of the transactions.

I use Data scraping and I captured the table when it has only one row, and it works.
However, if rows are added to the table, the output of the data scraping is empty.

How do I extract the data of a table that dynamically changes the number of rows??

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Have a selector problems.
you should capture and check the differences between the first selector of the table and the second one obtained when inserting new rows.

Hi I checked the both selectors, but they are exactly same.
Do I need to change xml?
I have this ExtractMetaData:

<extract-table get_columns_name='1' get_empty_columns='1' columns_name_source='Longest' />

The App is desktop or web?
pls paste the selector and html source code if web
give us more relevant information

This is the selector.

I cannot share the source code.

Please let me know if you find anything.

uhm, test it, if you make a DataScraping and can read rows when records are added then you have an selector mismatch somewhere… else you should see another method to get these new rows.