Data Scraping shows accurate fields in sample, but then doesn't pull them into data table


I have used the data scraping wizard to extract a table from a website which has a number of columns, Unit Name, Status, Link (and link HTML). When still in the wizard you can see the preview showing a correct URL for record/line 2, however, when using this URL variable in the process it failed.

To test I then put a component to write out every URL after scraping the table (for each row, get row data, log message) and noticed that it hadn’t collected the URL for the second row - is there any obvious reason behind this? It got row 1 which is identical (other than name obviously). I can include more of the metadata/selectors if people wish, but when I did a rough count, of the 36 records, it pulled correct URLs for 27, so they should be ok… To note: the log message didn’t display blanks for remainder, it only posted 27 log messages, and posted 36 for items added to queue.