Data scraping 'Show Email'

Is it possible to scrape data when part of the data field is covered by a ‘Show Email’. In order to show the email you need to click first. See Screenshot attached

How do I get around this?! yellow|690x361



Use a click activity to ‘Show Email’.
Then use a get text to scrape the data from there asusual.

Thank you

There are hundreds of emails (structured data) that I need to collect. Is it possible to iterate the ‘Get Text’ function through all the records and pages?

On clicking that once, one email is availed right?
By the way i meant , you can scrape it as you wish , but use a click activity priorly.

@ClaytonM and @loginerror Is it possible to get the full email, Without clicking on Show Email ?

URL :,+Gauteng/3

Inspected the HTML and doesn’t look like you can extract the email address without executing a click.

But, maybe there’s a way I’m not aware of.

What you can do though, is run a Click through either a Do While or Retry Scope, until the “Show Email” element does not exist. Then, after that, all the emails will be showing, and you can scrape the data as intended.

Also, change the DelayAfter and DelayBefore to 0 for the Click, and also decrease the TimeoutMS to 0 or atleast under 5000. Changing these delays will make the click perform much quicker.


Think this will do the job! Thanks!

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