Data Scraping saleswebsites

Dear readers,
Here they explain how to extract price and name of product from a list.

what if we need data located in the individual webpage of the product.
I would like to it on a real estate website where it’s possible to go from one ad to the next one by clicking on a arrow.
It doesn’t work because I cannot select the second element to create the pattern, indeed the second element is in another page !

Any solution ?

Hi @Suryoyo95

It would be great if you can provide a link example. We could help better and on point. :slight_smile:

Hi Ovi thanks for your quick answer.
Here is a link
After extracting the data ( price & date of post ), I’d like to do it for the next add using the Next button and so on for all the adds.
I believe DataScraping isn’t a solution.
What do you think ?

Hi @Suryoyo95!

Indeed I couldn’t scrape the exact results that you wanted(price&date) only using DataScraping.

What I’ve been able to do is scrape the price and URL from the list page and then take each property’s URL(using For each row), open it and get the date separately. Then add a column named “PostedDate”.

It’s not a very optimal solution and I’ve only tested with 5-10 MaxNumberOfResults, but I think it gives you a start.

test.xaml (17.4 KB)

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