Data Scraping- row/column format

Hi, I am using the data scape method to extract data from a website. The website’s format for the data has all the headers in the same column. When I want to extract the data, I want the headers to appear as rows, with their values following in the row underneath. I have to save the data into a csv file. Is there anyway to do this?

Thanks for the help

Hi @Sam1 Welcome to UiPath forum! You can extract structured data from the website and save it, and you can use the activity “Transpose” activity from the DataManipulation.Activities package which you have to download from “Manage Packages”. Hope this helps!

Hi, I’ve tried using the Transpose activity, the only problem is that I’m using the data scrape method to gather the same type of data from different stocks. Since my data scrape method is running in a loop, the new data gets outputted to below the first data (in column form). If I try transposing after the loop is done, all the data gets transposed into the same row, opposed to the data from each source going under eachother.