Data Scraping Returns Blank File

I am trying to gather data that changes daily - I used the data scraping wizard - when I extract the data table, both .xls and .csv - the file is blank

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Please ensure that the selector of window title in attach window is not getting changes every time.

If it changes, replace the variable character with wildcard(* symbol).


ensure that the variable which will store the scraped data is filled before you write to .xlsx /csv file. if the variable is null/ empty it means no data is scraped and thus you need to work on your selector

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This is my selector -
this title never changes

When pasting selectors to the forum you need to remove the tags around them, otherwise they appear as blanks

It is the Target Selector, it cannot find the data on the web page:
webctrl css-selector='body>form>div>span>div>table>tbody>tr>td>div>div>div>table>tbody>tr>td>table>tbody>tr>td>table>tbody>tr>td>table>tbody>tr>td>table>tbody' parentid='P37dbd323dedc4e3aa8cac64691eb2e62_1_oReportCell' tableRow='32; tag=;TBODY

Some of the syntax of that selector suggests you are scraping single cell rather than an entire table.

Make sure you are highlighting the full table you need