Data Scraping provides option to capture only 2 patterns..How to capture more patterns

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Data Scraping provide option to capture only two patterns. However in some cases we may have more patterns to capture. For example if I am trying to capture RnR from a website, the first page may not have any of the reviewers with Badges (top reviewer etc), they may be available on the second page.

How would you capture such fields using Data Scraping.


Hi @agoyal1980

Not sure I understand the “two patterns” because you can select as many pieces or correlated data as you need. Once you click Finish, you will be asked if data spans multiple pages.

Does that help?


For instance, I have three reviews on each page, and there are 5 fields in each review. Reviewer Name, Reviewer Badge, Short Review, Long Review and Review Date.

However on the first page none of the reviewers have a badge and on second page only one out of three reviewers have a badge.

How would you handle such a scenario using Data Scraping?

Now I understand the issue @agoyal1980. Can you find a different page that has more than one badge on the first page and use the wizard there to generate your selector and then modify as needed?

It is difficult to find one page that would have two reviews that cover all the fields. Wanted to know if there any other easier way to handle it.

Gotcha. In that case I’d use the wizard to build the extraction without the badges, then look at the ExtractMetadata input field the wizard created to understand the format, then use the UI Explorer on a couple of badges to see with their selector looks like, and then edit the ExtractMetadata to include the badges.

Make sense?

I did new data scraping for just the new elements and then took the relevant lines from the ExtractMetadata and updated the old data scraping capture. Thanks for the idea.

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