Data scraping problem because of no forward button and how to use a loop like 'for each' in a data scraping

Hello. I try to do a data scraping on the below website to scrape product comments. There are 119 pages with 2388 comments. But there is no forward button. How can I scrape all comments from the website. Should I use any loop activities in UiPath and how can I use the loop you will advice?

Grundig TM 4961 Cam Demlikli Çay Yorumları - Sayfa 2 (


In such case, we need to move to each page manually without next link selector.

Fortunately, it seems we can easily navigate to each page using sayfa parameter in the URL.

So the following might work, for example.

Hope this helps you.


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Hello Mr. Yoichi. Tank you for your help. Did you put ‘For Each’ loop in a data scraping block? Can you explain how did you put ‘For Each’ activity if it is such that?

Did you use a sequence instead of data scraping body?

I tried with data scraping and sequence methods. It turned this problems. What should I do?

Kindly note the dot on Enumerable**.**Range(… and do not use a comma

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Now, it throw this problem?

Am I doing it right using ‘sequence’?

Just do one thing: Relax
In a situation that news things are applied, an validation issue should not lead to pressure
Take your time and analyze and fix.

With @Yoichi 's approach you will construct URLs marked with page info. Thats the idea of approach.

Check where validation icons occurs and check the message

check if index variable is correctly created (here we do see 1 warning)

I put the ‘Extract Structured Data ‘P’’ into the ‘For Each’. But nothing changed.

I pressed Ctrl+K, and wrote index. It is ok now. But there is a problem in the ‘Navigate To’ activity.

Which one should I choose?

Should I use the ‘From Start’?

I used all the identifier which is shown in the last picture. Nothing changed.

index.toString was used and should be used again.

It is same still. :frowning:

please show variable panel, have for ach activity activated

I every time save all. It didn’t save some of activity. I have started to learn UiPath since three weeks. This is the first time it happens.

I will create them again.


  1. Remove the output index from For Each loop activity and check it once.

  2. The provided URL is incorrect.

  3. If you opened any browser using Open browser or Attach browser activity then create one browser variable to it and then Pass browser variable to Navigate To activity. Else place Navigate To activity inside Attach Browser activity.

I am appreciate for your help. How should I continue now? where should I create a browser variable on ‘Open Browser Properties’?

I did this project. but there is no data in the excel file still.