Data Scraping on html base data

I am new to UIPath and hit into a roadblock when using data scraping.

I am trying to extract two columns of monthly exchange rate data from our internal web site using data scraping. I created a sequence and it works in Oct rate; however, it won’t work in Nov rate. I realized the class number is different in Oct and Nov. This explains why Oct work (built base of Oct class attribute) and not in Nov.

Is there a way to make it universal that same data scraping works in any months?

Data scraping Data Input is seen below in UIPath.


Check the selector property of extract structured data. If there is any variable attribute, replace the variable portion with wildcard (astreik). Or else click repair option and indicate the table.

Tried using the wildcard but it doesn’t seem to work. My goal is one script can be used for any monthly exchange rate instead of doing the repair monthly.

While you do datascraping, are you get option to scrape entire Datatable. If so, you can use that option. it will work for all months.