Data scraping on acme work items is being canceled without scrapping till end and writing into worbook

Currently I am doing my advanced training assignment where execution is getting canceled on data scrapping, Then I have tried data scrapping only on “ACME System 1 - Log In” page ,but still I am facing the same issue. I am attaching the workflow , In which data scrapping is not happening till the end of last page. I don’t find any errors in my workflow. I tried in both IE and chrome . quick turnaround is much appreciatedMain.xaml (7.1 KB)

Hi @vekatesh_chowdary
Do you have indicated the next Page during data scrapping?

@vekatesh_chowdary Your workflow is working perfectly in my system. i am not getting any error

Thank you for your response… I thought first it was browser issue…then i tried chrome… it is the same… even i tried in another machine…it is working… I believe that it may due my system issue… but i want to know what could be the possible fix for this…as I want to it on my own machine…

Hello jithendra,
Yes I did… some times it is going till 7th page…sometimes till 9th page on workitems and the execution is automatically getting cancelled

@vekatesh_chowdary restart your system and try once again. If this doesn’t work try to debug using error message you get step by step.

I have done that but it is not working. Also I have observed some times it is driving till last page and execution is getting cancelled.

I had the very same issue. Anchoring it around another element helped me solve the problem and keeping it consistent across different machines.