Data Scraping not working - Dispatching only last page of website and not dispatching the first two pages

I am dispatching applications from website to Orchestrator by using Add queue item.
So scrapping data from website in which i have 3 pages in the table. But it is dispatching only the third page and not dispatching the first two pages. But sometimes, after running dispatcher it is dispatching all the application when run it for second or third time and sometimes it is dispatching all the applications by running for the first time.
Please have a look on this as it’s very strange behaviour of UiPath.
This is ExtractData datatable:
I am also attaching my workflow: (12.1 KB)

Hi there @zeshanm9,

I have gone through your workflow and sometimes it might miss some pages but still dispatch your queue item without throwing error because you have kept the ‘Continue on error’ property as true.

Secondly, if you are using 2019.5 then maybe use ‘Bulk add queue items’ it will push the whole data table, no need to check so many conditions I surmise.

Again, after all queue items are dispatched for the first page use a clear data table activity just for safety.

By the way I see in the following selector of yours : (see quoted text)

<webctrl css-selector='body&gt;app-dashboard&gt;main&gt;div&gt;app-parcelserviceworkspace&gt;div&gt;div&gt;div&gt;div&gt;div&gt;p-datatable&gt;div&gt;p-paginator&gt;div&gt;a&gt;span' idx='3' isleaf='1' tag='SPAN' />

you have an ‘idx’ attribute that might be changing - so stabilize the selector. Keep wait for ready as interactive and give time-outMS as much as you need for it load.

If your data has table tag - then it will offer you to extract the whole table - if not then data scraping wizard has to be used.

One more thing - sometimes the ‘next’ button or the element that indicated the next page navigation might not remain in the same DOMXpath so better to run the same data scraping wizard/activity untill the ‘next page’ element exists int he pagination.

Hope all these tips help :slight_smile:


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Hi @Raghavendraprasad , I have some questions.

  1. How to stabilize the selector.
  1. My data has table tag “” so what do you mean by this?
  1. What do you mean by "run the same data scraping wizard/activity untill the ‘next page’ element exists int he pagination.

Can you please provide examples for all this questions with details


  1. Go through these links and get back if you have more queries :slight_smile:
    Stabilizing Selectors - #4 by ClaytonM
    Selectors gets failed - #5 by aditya.prakash
    How can I stabilize a download from internet explorer¿?
    How can Fix this dynamic selector? - #2 by ecarles
    Stabilizing is basically inspecting the page source (F12) on the website or using UiExplorer and then selecting something that is common yet unique throughout the extraction of the pattern values.

  2. Basically while indicating elements in data scraping when the wizard encounters a -‘table’ then it will prompt and ask the developer whether s/he wants to extract the whole table. I guess this isn’t the case in your scenario,

  3. Basically when you finish extracting the co-related data from the wizard it will ask wheter the data spans multiple pages - so you indicate the ‘next’ button/element/arrow or any UiElement that navigates the whole pagination. SO instead of indicating that - Extract that current apge and check whether the ‘next page’ element exists and click on it in a while loop having the condition that the ‘element exists = true’

By the way there are plenty of examples regarding all the points, so I basically provided the ideas. If you still need help after this get back :slight_smile:


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