Data scraping not scraping structured data

I have a structured grid in a webpage. When I use data scrapping it is unable to scrap data. Though the scraping process is happening correctly but the preview is showing blank. Also I confirmed by counting the data row and it was coming.

Can someone please help.

anyone ?


Try with some other browser once and then check it.

Works in google chrome but not in IE. Isn’t there anyway to work in IE

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To work with IE browser, no need to install any extension from uipath.

Unfortunately it’s not working :disappointed:

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Mohammad Aman Chawdhary

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I just tested on another pc and it works fine. But the pc where I am doing the development it is not working there. Both the pc i tried on IE version 11. Any idea what can be the reason.


Check packages installed in both studios are same or not.

Yes its same. Only the package version and studio version is different difference.


May be because of that you are facing that issue.

Even after updating the packages the issue persists. :frowning:

Edit #
I tried on another pc and it is working in chrome and not in IE. If anyone can support please let me know. I can share the url for you to test.

please do share the url… :slight_smile:

You can go to the URL

After you visit the URL click on login as technician and click request in the menu at top.

@JoVansant ny luck?

mm can’t reach the propper site unless I request a demo version for servicedeskplus
scratch that

I was not awake anymore… :frowning:

yes I can just properly click on the requests link without any problems in iExplorer.
Also it are all very clean selectors on the site… I have no issue on it at all.
→ webctrl id=‘requests’ tag=‘A’ /

good id’s clean structure
(doing a second test on an older UiPath will post result in a few min)

second test also working fine
used the default framework
used the recorder
used manual clicks
all is working…

I’m guessing a restriction on your Iexplorer. Have you checked this?

or maybe easier have you done other scripts in iExplorer already?

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