Data Scraping not reading to my excel sheet

Hi. Can anyone please check my code and tell me the solution. I have been working on data scraping that takes 2 inputs (Schools or College and Location). My code is working fine without any error. But the data is not scarping to excel sheet. Web Scraping Project.xaml (19.4 KB)

Extract Data will not throw an exception in case of the area which is to extract from is not found or doesn’t have data

Will happen, when the extract data result is empty

It looks like the selector and the extract Metadata (configuration of the correlated data) is to rework.

Hi @Chetan_Vijay !
What are you trying to scrape ?
When I see your code, the target selector is put on the “next page” selector: that’s why it scrapes nothing. The target selector should be on the data you want to extract

@Hiba_B I am trying to extract the list of datas that includes School/College Name in particular Location along with Address and Phone Number for all pages.

Can anyone please help me out to solve this issue?

Hi !
I changed a little bit the code, try and let us know: Web Scraping Project.xaml (19.5 KB)

Beware: I changed the write range elements, you should put back your initial path.