Data Scraping not giving url


I’m using this site to take info about the football games, which teams are playing and how many points they made.

I also need the info that appears on a new tab when you click on the match/game.
Homewer, when I use data scraping, it doesn’t give me the url needed.

(I also had to select individually the two teams and the game points, giving me 3 datatables, 'cause if I used the option of getting all in one data scraping, it gave me a lot of info that I didn’t need - I just merged them after and created a new datatable)

So, how can I get the url from the matches? They also always change…

This is the data scraping that I made so far
Open_URL.xaml (14.5 KB)

Thanks guys! :smile:

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I hope this can be done, which will give us the url of the data we are fetching in the adjacent column
As it won’t look on the data changing dynamically

Cheers @YuuK

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Yes, I hope someone can help me :grinning:

This is actually something that I couldn’t find on the forum

yah try once getting the URL while data scrapping itself
Cheers @YuuK

I did try, but as I said before, the url doesn’t appear


Was this issue any chance resolved, i am doing a data scrape and URL is not being pulled for any of the data. its showing blanks as shown in your respone.

Jayakumar S