Data scraping not giving desired values

Hello there,

I have a little issue when I’m trying to scrape data from the grid you can see in the picture below:

On screen the value for column ‘Rubriek’ equals ‘Reglement’ and the value for column ‘Type’ equals ‘Overeenkomst en bijlagen’. I expect that when I scrape data from this grid, every cell value equals the value as seen on screen.

Below you can see a picture of the scraped data from this grid and their values:

As you can see, the value for the column ‘Rubriek’ became 7 and the value for column ‘Type’ became 33. In the underlying code table of the database of this application, 7 stands indeed for ‘Reglement’ and 33 stands for ‘Overeenkomst en bijlagen’. So in theory it’s not wrong, but it’s not the desired result.

Is there any way, maybe changing the data definition, so UiPath gives me the values seen on screen and not the values in the underlying database?

Thanks in advance.

in such a case an analysis with uiexplorer on the elements / cells will be done and the available uielement attributes (right side panel) will be checked. Feel free to share a screenshot with us or let generate a report with the help of: