Data scraping misalignment in rows

I was trying to extract flight details. The first time I did it it cam out perfectly.

But when I did it again, This time I wanted to extract only prices but there seems to be a misalignment in the excel data. May I know what is the problem?

we encounter this behaviour when the tabular structure is disturbed for the datascrapping.

First check you can do:

  • is a html table or a div construct is retrieved?
  • are there any differences on the selectors within the columns?

Does this help? I think it is Div

Hi @xyzxyz_123

Could you please check the Extract Metadata XML

I have tried multiple times and the result is consistent.

Used chrome browser for testing.
Used different source and destination for each test.

Results are below

Make My Trip result

I have done data scrapping 3 times and extracted data in one excel. There is one error which I highlighted in red in excel. I have taken screen shot of xml editor of Hyderabad to bangalore on apr15th

When I ran the file I have got Apr 15th data from A1 and both Apr 15 and apr 16th data from C1 instead of only apr16th

I closed my website and tried to run again and an error popped up

How do I solve this?