Data Scraping MaxNumberOfResults Property?


I tried to extract data from google

Both extracts same number of results?


Try setting some value greater than 0 and check once.


I want to know the reason?

If i didnt set anything

Why it is not taking default value(100)

extracting all the data

please explain

If you give 0 or set it as null it will consider ALL. Plz check the documnet.


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Can you please tell me for giving null why it is extracting all data

Where it is specified in the document

am not able to find it

please help me


In the documentation I couldn’t find those details. But I mentioned it based on my prior experience.

If it’s 0 or null it will extract all.


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Please check this

Here as this is number and when no value is given for a number by default it will store aszero unless specifically mentioned as null or nothing

Create a int32 variable and check the behaviour

Hope this helps


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