Data Scraping is Not Generating a Sequence in Workflow

Hi Team,

We tried data scraping in uipath studio to extract table from webpage. We spied the table cell and after that, it is asked for whether you want to extract the whole table. We have given No and tried spy the next cell to create a similar pattern. Once all required the same thing done for all columns, we have finish. But, What happened is, it does not created any sequence in Studio work-flow.

Kindly provide me with a solution that will resolve the above issue.


you can check below link

Once all the columns were selected, did the extracted table contents appear before closing the Extraction Wizard?

Actually, We have followed the exact steps as shown in the link you have shared but data scraping sequence is not generating in the Main workflow after given finish.

Kindly help.


Is the table not always visible? Do you need to press any button/ field to bring it to the font-end?


The table is Visible and we can create a pattern and preview the data. But once we give finish, we could not able to find the data scraping sequence which should have been generated.


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