Data scraping image links not returning correct output

Hello all,

So I have been trying to use Data Scraping in order to extract links to a group of images in a website. The following links are two examples of the product pages I am using:

Valentines – Love Hearts® | The Sweet People (5 images)
Flow Bag – Jelly Bean Factory® – 20g | The Sweet People (2 images)

However, when I try to run the process for several product references, all I am getting is the same links from the product page I used to build the data scraping activity, repeated several times.

This is the output I am currently getting:

And this is what the output should look like:

This is the script I am using, along with the correponding excel file:

ExtractTemplate - SweetPeople_Definitive.xaml (21.2 KB)
Gama3_SweetPeople_Imagens_Produto.xlsx (28.1 KB)

Could you please let me know if it is possible to use data scraping on these images or if there is a better solution I can consider? It’s also perfectly possible that I am doing something stupid, but I feel like I’ve gone over every step and the problem must be in the data scraping.

Thank you!


it’s because you try to attach other page at AttachBrowser activity.

In this case, you can remove this AttachBrowser activity as the following, as it’s already inside container :OpenBrowser.



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Thanks a lot, that was exactly it!

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