Data Scraping Google Results - problems with only one result


im trying to get the target-url’s from google results by using the data scraping method.
everything works fine when google is giving more than one result.
however, when google is giving only one result, the method will not work and the ExtractDataTable stays empty.

is there a way to extract the target-url of a google result if there is only one row?

can you share your workflow?

The first sequence returns several google results and works just fine.
The second sequence is all the same, but returns a single google result and leaves an empty ExtractedDataTable.

ExtractGoogleResults2.xaml (22.0 KB)


Really weird.

I honestly have no idea, its probably something to do with the selectors but i am not experienced enough with data scraping on websites to have any answers.


I have the same problem - did you manage to overcome this issue?