Data Scraping from Wingui for SAP - 760

I am using UIPath Enterprise Edition Release 21.10. My use case is to get a table of SAP transactions (EMMACL) and loop through them. I have scripting enabled on client and server side. Now my issue is anything on the main screen - like filter screen or data screen, is seen as a single block and I cannot select values inside it. I resolved the filter screen issue by using keyboard navigaion. But I do need the table data preferably in DataTable structure. When using modern design the Table Extractor does not sees the SAP table. When using classic design, the Data Scraper again does not sees the SAP table. The Screen Scraper gets the data in a string, but it is incomplete as the scroll right and scroll down data is missing

Is it not possible to get that SAP table data. I have seen some videos where data scraper works, but it doesn’t in mine. Am I missing something (setting?)


If it is a table then, Table extraction can help to extract that table data. In the modern designer, use the Table Extraction feature.

I hope it would and it sure does on a webpage. But not in SAP table using WinGui for SAP 760. My question is specifically for SAP table extraction.

I get this error when using Table Extraction

if you just want to read the contents, you can let the robot download it as excel , then read the excel

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