Data Scraping from Windows Application


I am new to UIPath, i finished a tutorial through LinkedIn Learning about UIPath Essentials, and I am attempting to do Data Scraping on an Application we use here at work.

I attached a screenshot with the data elements… Each row is identified by the running person icon… I need to extract the BCS number from each row, put it in a queue (Data Table), and navigate into each element.

  1. Data Scraping does not work
  2. Screen Scraping does not get full screen since most are hidden.
  3. There are 1100 results, so There is a view more button to populate more results…

Screen Scraping populates every line of the element, but I need to be able to distinguish each row specifically.

I’m thinking of that building a Data Table separately, and then populating a queue would be the best solution since it is unstructured data. Thoughts?


Try to get the selector or those BC numbers by placing a click activity, try to get the selector for 1 or 2, so that we can get to know can we do with selectors

Hope this helps


For the whole container … the selector is

    <wnd app='nicherms.exe' cls='HwndWrapper*' title='NicheRMS: 1100 Results' />
    <ctrl automationid='InnerListView' role='list' />

For the individual list item it is

<ctrl automationid='Highlight' name='Highlight' role='list item' idx='*' />

the idx only shows what’s on the screen so can’t really use that number…

if i click on the BCS number the selector is

<ctrl automationid='Highlight' name='Highlight' role='list item' idx='*' />
<ctrl name='BCS200052202' role='text' />

Should i identify the container for the UIElement Row, then extract the BCS number into a data table so I can run a queue.

I want to be able to run a transaction queue where it will click on each element and do a series of activities inside of that element.


<ctrl automationid='Highlight' name='Highlight' role='list item' idx='*' />
<ctrl name='BCS200052202' role='text' /> 

The idx in the above selector is by default * ?

As we are getting number of results so we can use that number for iteration

But I am thinking how the iteration like 1, 2, 3 to move, Is there any identifier in the selector which useful for iteration


Using the UI Explorer and the maximized windows application … the first idx=‘3’ and the last one at the bottom of the page is ‘9’. I guess that can be used as a selector, but its also not very accurate considering the idx does not follow the number of elements rather it is the idx of elements on screen.

I’ve been testing out a find child activity and i’ve looped through 150 different items. i’m still testing it out though.