Data Scraping from this web page

  1. Open this web page -
  1. Enter any US zip code, for example 80005. Hit search.

  2. Scrape data table

  3. Write to a CSV

It seems simple but it is not. Please provide the solution. (2.7 KB)
try this after opening page in google chrome

Hi, thanks for the reply. Agree, it works after the page is already open. But, requirement is to make it work complete that includes following steps -

  • Open web page in a browser
  • Type in the zip code and click search
  • Scrape the response data table

Do you think it can be done with this kind of web page that uses ajax java script behind the scene?

Hi Devesh

This is pretty simple, important thing is that a delay is required before actual data scraping happens, so that page is fully loaded. Check the code below it is running perfectly fine. Just change the parameters to save csv file at your desired location.


Main.xaml (12.3 KB)