Data scraping from Orchestrator

I am trying to develop a bot that gets the list of Packages from Orchestrator using Data Scraping wizard into a datatable. When running the bot, it get the data from the first page, then it goes to the next page and stops. There are up to 9 pages of data available with all the packages deployed to the Orchestrator. But it stops after going to the second page.

Similarly, I want to get a list of Libraries from Orchestrator using Data Scraping. Same story. It gets the list from the first page, then goes to the 2nd page and stops.

No other website behaves like this. Just Orchestrator. What am I missing?

this probably issue with your development code
(check if you make or pass any waiting time or stay until ready to load your next page)

and what is your reason to extract data from package and libraries meanwhile you can get those from anther methods ( if you are practicing uipath using Orchestrator ? :wink: )

Am I special in some way or do you always dig at others on this and other professional forums? If you don’t have an answer you are most welcome to remain silent. You know that right?

If this is really something you need, you should be using the API instead of scraping the IDE of orchestrator…

Try using an Anchor Base to help with your selector. Or try calling the Orchestrator API.

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I guess I will try the anchor base. I looked into the Orchestrator API calls but I don’t see anything that gets me library entries, packages etc.

By using a combination of the odata swagger api calls and a json viewer, I was able to get this.

It serves my immediate purpose, but I am still intrigued why I am unable to use data scraping wizard with Orchestrator.

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Ironic that you can’t scrape data from UiPath’s own web application, isn’t it?

You bet. It is so ironic.

ok, i will try myself then… :upside_down_face: if orchestrator can be online, i mean…

And i just did and could get all pages whitout any issues…

I just tried it with an orchestration queue transaction list and the Data Scraping wizard failed to recognize that it was a table of data.

What’s worse is when you try it with libraries or processes, it recognizes the first page, goes to the next page and then stops.

Is uipath listening?

UiPath wants Orchestrator to look fancy, not be easy to automate without using the Orchestration API.

Ha Ha