Data scraping from Orchestrator as a website

Can we write a bot that performs data scraping from Orchestrator? Let’s say get a list of all Jobs, all Library entries, processes and so on?

I am writing a bot to do this, and it gets the data from the first page, clicks on the next page icon, goes to the second page and then the bot stops. Can this be fixed or is it taboo to use UiPath RPA on UiPath Orchestrator itself?

Have you considered doing queries to orchestrator’s database? Or even better, plugging with Kibana, like this in Go!

Hi @savantsa, if you can shared any screenshot then better for understanding…

Check out it:

Try doing the same with Orchestrator using the data scraping wizard. If it works for you, let me know.

Like I said before, it works on almost all websites, other than Orchestrator itself.