Data Scraping from multiple websites

Hello Team!

I am trying to scrape data off of a website, but there is only one iteration of data on each page. There is a next button to get the next iteration of the data. Is there an option with data scraping to help with that?

Thank you all in advance!

Yes buddy while data scrapping you will be asked whether to go for next page and if so it will ask for the navigation symbol like > or NEXT…which will be there in end of the page…

For more info data scrapping…
Here you go buddy…

Kindly try this and let know whether this works or not buddy @Sharan75

Thank you for your reply, sir! I think I need to show an example to illustrate my problem.

If you look at this website, all the details for this iteration is on this site, but only when I press the next button can I get the next iteration of data. In the data scraping, I have to pick two data points on the same page at least. Is there a way to pick one data from each page before pressing the ‘next’ button??

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