Data Scraping from Multiple web application input fields

are those 2 from exact input fields i labelled above, just to clarify because the difference is too much to find a common ground and they do not seem to be from the same layer, maybe for your second one u clicked the inside field and not the entire input field, which is why there are 6 layers and the first pic only has 5 layers, would you mind checking the second one?

Hi, Please see the below image. It’s the another selector of the input field. I thought you would want to see more selectors thats why i included the headers selector in previous post. thanks

nonono what i was asking is why are there 6 layers in your selector editor in ur second pic in dropbox and the first pic has only 5 layers. maybe you clicked wrongly? from your selector i kind of can tell you might have selected the wrong stuff, can you ensure that when you select the input fields, it is highlighting the entire input field? else, i cant find any useful common ground which i can help you with.

Hi We are working together on this. See attached:


your 2nd image wasnt uploaded correctly :3

I notice the “name” attribute. Can we use that? in one big selector? eg: grab each “name” from every input field?

not recommended if you are trying to take data from each row

Ok thank you. What would you say our best bet is?

How about anchor ?

here is my recommendation,

save the first 2 layers in ur selector editor
remove layer 3 and 4, remove layer 6
remove css-selector of layer 5

then do this below for ur workflow
Assign Counter = the ‘idx’ of your first row input field
element exist, select the input field, go to edit selector, do the above layer thing and copy the end result. assign result as exist
assign selector = the end result, change idx = ‘19’ to idx = ‘" + Counter.tostring + "’
replace selector with selector.

add a while loop, condition = exist
add 1 get text (testing only figure out the others later.
assign the selector part of get text to selector variable
then assign counter = counter + 1
lastly add another element exist, same thing use dynamic selector

Main.xaml (9.7 KB)

my draft here, take a look if you want

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Hi, Thank you. I see you have a build data table? would you mind explaining about that?

When i imported your workflow it seems somthing is wrong. How do i fix this to see what you did?

May i ask why are you trying to find the element in the selector variable?

do you want it to be in excel format? if yes keep that, if no then leave it out and add in ur own method.

ps. you need excel activities for that

Find element variable is to confirm whether the next row exist or not, if it does not exist then the workflow will end, if not present, its highly likely your workflow will reflect a system error and fail.

Hi, [quote=“MythicGold, post:31, topic:156995, full:true”]
not recommended if you are trying to take data from each row

What do you mean not recommended? it seems the only change element for each input file we need to target is the IDX or name selectors. which is best?

Name attribute is a fixed attribute, it is better used for identifying just 1 element uniquely, for your case you want to extract multiple item in a fixed table like format but not a table, wont the name attribute for each row change? then are you going to use full wildcard for that? if you are going to use full wildcard for that scenario, i would suggest leaving that out because it only increases the chance of a failure.