Data Scraping - Elements differ

I’m tryng to scrape simple data from Amazon/Ebay types os sites for a simple project and it keeps throwing errors on picking the 2nd element. Tried several times. I’m picking the same type of data.
Not sure why, since I followed the videos and recreating the excat steps.


@sgsl-rsk, This error usually appears when the secondly indicated element has a different tag than the previously indicated one. I have seen some websites\application where the element will have more layers\tags surrounded with. Please find the attached screenshot that gives you an overview:

Where the firstly indicated element has a tag <SPAN> and the next one is indicated with tag <a>

Hope this is helpful :)))

Yes thank you. That helps ! But the example on the UIPath FC has amazon websites and the same flow didn’t work for me. So basically to make it work we can’t change anything for the HTML part, right ?
I will go through the reference topic that you mentioned.

Please inspect from the developer tools of the browser to have a clear understanding of the HTML Structure. Also, the image that I have added it’s just a reference taken to exemplify (to simulate a scenario like Amazon website) and I have removed that to avoid the confusions.

Ok sure let me check on that. Thank you