Data Scraping & Dynamic Selector to choose doc in multiple pages


I have a use case where I need to access multiple web documents and for each documents scrap the needed information to validate whether the information is correct or not. I am first using data scraping to extract the URL and Document number. And was thinking of using that information in my selector to click on each document. Issue I am having is the documents span over multiple pages, so will need to click on “Next” to view next list of documents. Using the For Each Row how can I have the robot recognize there are multiple pages and not stop when the documents on the first page is done?

Hello @syi ,

Can you provide some screenshots or if is a public site, the url?

How do you know are multiple page? It is a sort of a next link selector or something like this? A page number?

If there are such thing, for sure you can add some logic in your flow, if the age number is more than 1, click somewhere to go to page 2.

Just an idea.


Hello @wasea

Sorry its a private web application and I cannot share URL or screen shots =(

Yes, at the bottom it will show 1 of 3 for example and Previous or Next link but no page number.

I see but how can I incorporate that to the for each loop??