Data scraping doesn't work

The data scraping doesn’t work for me. I use Google Chrome. First I cannot hoover over a single quote, there is no green line. I have green lines for all quotes together or for the tags but not for a single quote. And when choosing for example the word “about” I get the message: “This element doesn’t support data extraction. Please take a row of the table”. O.k, but I cannot choose a single row - and here everything ends.

Hi @Mariele_Oosting

1)Click Next button


2)click the quotes message 1st click 1st one second click second 2nd quotes then press

If you want to extract the URL click the check box then click next

3)if you want to scrape more details like author name like that you have to click extract correlated Data and do the same process but note it that what ever you scraped in first in that place only you can scrape 2nd details

  1. if you want to scrape next page click yes and indicate Next


thats it scraping is done and if you want full quotes whatever contain in that webpage in property panel you have to identify as 0 in maximum number page scrape

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IF this is not your problem please check that you enable your browser extension

  1. In browser-------> settings-------->Extension------>


2)open uipath studio----->Tools-------->


click here and restart the studio

If this’s your solution please mark as solution

Thank you

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Thank you Gulshiyaa for your support. Unfortunately both solutions doesn’t work. The first one results in the problem I described. I now tested Internet Explorer instead of Google Chrome and suddenly I’m able to hover over single quotes. So, yes it seems to be a problem of the Google extension. But: It is installed, I can find it in Google. However, I always get the message that I still have to do it. I then repeat the installation, open Google once again and there it is. But after this I still get the messages that I have to install it. I repeated this now 10 times and nothing changes. I wonder whether this problem is produced by the fact that I installed Studio first and then Studio X and that this produces somehow a conflict.