Data Scraping does not work in UiPath 2021.10.3

We recently upgraded UiPath to version 2022.10.3.
The “UiPath UIAutomation Activities” package has been updated to v22.4.6 to use Edge extension. Data Scraping does not work now and returns Null value (for existing bot). Also encountered the following error to create a new one:
“Value does not fall within the expected range”

Anyone has help? any solution?
Many thanks in advanced


Actually there is no version called 2022.10.3. The latest stable version is 2022.4.3

I too have faced the same issue with the data scraping. I set an limit t get the first 50 records this won’t stop to extract the whole data…

I overcome this issue by using Modern Design Experience (Table Extraction)

This is working absolutely Fine

Try this

And let me know


Thanks for your quick reply.

Actually our UiPath version is 2021.10.3 (I put correct one in the topic).
Would you please let me how you use Modern Design Experience? (I just found “Use Modern for new projects” in setting section)

Many thanks again for your help.


Yes, We need to turn on the Modern design experience:

This can be done in two ways

  1. Project level
  2. Studio level

Choose the one option:

Reference: Project Level

Reference: Studio Level

Settings->Design->Use Modern Experience


Many thanks NaNi for your reply.
I did the setting but still it does not work with the application on Edge browsers.