Data Scraping - Does not navigate to next page


I’m trying to complete an exercise in RPA academy, wherein I’m expected to scrape data from ebay listing of laptops. I tried it on this link.

It is successfully retrieving the list in selected page, but does not navigate to next page and eventually the excel is not populated with required number of listings.

  1. Tried changing the DelaybetweenPages, MaxNumberofResults
  2. As I thought it would be a problem with selector, I added classname to it manually. Still page navigation does not work.

Please help me through this. Thanks in advance

Main.xaml (8.5 KB)

One more information. With similar approach, it worked with Flipkart listings in scraping desired number of items.

I had chose 120 items to be scraped

  1. scraping worked well on page 1, 2, 3 but on page 4 it skipped half of the listings and continued to work well from page 5. Any idea why this happens and how it can be avoided?

  2. Wondering, why something that worked on flipkart did not work on ebay