Data Scraping creates no Output in UiPath/ReFrameWork Template

I am working to complete the Level 3 - Security Hash Training and am having issues creating a Data Table from the attached link:

When using the ReFrameWork Template, I am unable to create an output after using the Data Scraping command. I’ve test Data Scraping with different files by creating a new sequence separate from the ReFrameWork Template and have encountered no issues.

Is there a reason I am encountering this error with the Template?



Welcome back to the uipath community.

It should work. May i know what error are you getting here ?

I am not receiving an error in my error list. The Data Scraping tool is able to identify the element, but when I click Finish** I do not receive the pop-up window to indicate multiple pages.

After clicking finish I am returned to the UiPath Studio with a blank process and no output.

Once again, I have tested this in a separate file and encountered no error. I am hesitant to create a new file as I’ve made progress on this UiPath Academy exercise.

I appreciate your assistance.


Probably there are some error in “Data Scraping”.
ContinueOnError property of Extract Structured Data Activity which is generated by Wizard is set True initially.
Can you try the property is set to false?
You might be able to get some error to solve your matter.



I’ve attempted to use the Extract Structured Data activity, but it does not allow me to capture output as DataTable Variable Type. The activity only captures the individual element selected, whereas I am try to capture an entire table spanning multiple pages.

I’ve retested the Data Scraping command from the Design Ribbon, and am still having no success.

Any additional assistance would be appreciated.


Can you share result to change ContinueOnError property to False in which Extract Structured Data activity which is generated by Wizard on Ribbon menu?

In general, it’s easier to use wizard.


@verdonej I would suggest restarting the studio. If that still doesn’t work, a quick workaround would be to simply copy the separate working Data Scraping sequence into the DS sequence for the Re-framework.

Hi Yoichi,

Could you let me know how to set the ContinueOnErrorProperty to false when accessing from the Wizard on Ribbon Menu?



Once you indicated that structured data using that Data scraping activity and will generate sequence of output right. Go to that Extract Structured Data activity and then set False.