Data Scraping - Cannot find pattern elements

This website (Palantir Foundry - which is a pay-only cloud service, so it is not publicly available) Seems to use some React Tables package that creates a table with headers (that one can sort, filter, etc) and then rows of data.

We want to capture the header row and the first data row with UIPath Studio (Enterprise) 2020.10.2

When I can use the Chrome extension to grab a row, but when go for the second element in the pattern i get the pop-up error “Cannot find all pattern elements”. Any suggestions on things to try?

Pictures below might help:

But it says I am a new user, and cannot add images.

Hi @Yechezkal_Gutfreund

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Is that a table? Or are the values getting dynamically populated?

For a start you can find a pattern yourself by checking the elements you want in the ui explorer page and see some similar attributes and some row or idx values which are incrementing between the elements on the web page


I posted this with pictures in Stack Overflow. Stack Overflow with Pictures

I found out it is using the React open-source table library called: Blueprint.js

yes, of course, it is a not a static table. It uses Blueprint.js and fills it in.

Hi @Yechezkal_Gutfreund

Because its dynamic its not able to infer…but using ui explorer you can find a pattern for sure. Please try it that should solve and give you want you want


Now what?


Now from selector editor find combinations if there are any which gives you each cell with index

At the end of the day its a table like structure and it needs to have one or the other anchor… so try getting it

There might be combination of two rows in selector editor which gives you column and row values by changing them iterate and find the next values


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