Data Scraping but with Click activity in between

This is my 2nd week on UI Path. I’ve taken about 15 hours of overall training which briefly included the topic of data scraping.
For practice, I’ve run into a use case where I am able to scrape and save the data from a website into an Excel. The next step is to expand each item and scrape more information. Could someone help on how an action be performed on the current row before data scraping wizard moves on to the next row? In this case, I have to click once to expand the menu which has more information, then scrape the row, and then move on to the next row and so on…Capture

You should explain better. What do you mean with “data scraping wizard moves on to the next row?” Can’t you use click activity or what?

About whether or not I can use the click activity, this is my question. I’m not able to find a way to click, scrape, move to the next row…click, scrape, and move to the next row and so on. Let me know what information you need and I can provide it.

When you use click activity can’t you indicate menu button?

If you can share that website or similar to it so i can check it.

It took a little while to find a similar use case but here is one. For the displayed loan options, I have enough understanding on how to scrape elements such as APR, Mo. Payment, and Min Credit but now the ask is to click the drop down (“See Details”), scrape additional information, close the drop down and move on to the next row item.

Hi…were you able to figure out this problem?

I am sorry. I was trying to pass certification exam. Which i couldn’t…

Check those “see details” elements selectors.

<html title='Personal Loans: Compare Top Online Lenders Now | NerdWallet' />
<webctrl parentid='details-toggle' tag='svg' idx='5' />

<html title='Personal Loans: Compare Top Online Lenders Now | NerdWallet' />
<webctrl parentid='details-toggle' tag='svg' idx='7' />

<html title='Personal Loans: Compare Top Online Lenders Now | NerdWallet' />
<webctrl parentid='details-toggle' tag='svg' idx='23' />

These are some of them. You should create a dynamic selector for clicking it. If I was try to get them i could try like this;

Check difference between them.
Create a dynamic selector for clicking.
Click all those “see detail” buttons.
Then try to scrape all data.

This didn’t work since there are 15 pages with 20 dropdowns each and changing the selectors for each became too time consuming. Any other ideas on how to better tackle this problem without manually updating selectors (in this case over 200).


I have the same issue, did u solve your problem with the click?

@hhajar No - this issue was abandoned by the Robot Masters and MVPs and I haven’t been able to find anything online on my own. Let me know if you have better luck.

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Hi @sofsheikh

Please see the attached sample solution for your reference. Now you can modify this as per your requirement. (24.4 KB)
@hhajar: You can also refer this.

If you find it helpful please mark it as a solution.


I too have this issue in that I wish to select multiple areas where I have identified the different tags in UI Explorer. My information is similar to the data in Post #07 of this thread whereby the only unique value is ‘IDX’

So if i select idx=’*’ then it always only looks for the 1st one.
I want to be able to specify this once in UIExplorer so it automatically identifies/highlights them all.

i must help too
i pillow the internet
no info about it

i need do Data Scraping on this website
(‫רכבים למכירה | יד2 רכב - אלפי מודעות חדשות בכל יום‬)

somone can help?

I was able to accomplish this in the end.

What you need to do is use the Data Scraping wizard as normal

Then add a 'For Each Row in DataTable

Within that, add an assign: strVariable = Row(0).ToString

Then manually add a click activity

Within UI Explorer, make sure ‘aaname’ has been put into the window and with whatever is selected in aaname, replace it with the variable surrounded by {{ }} - {{strvariable}}

It will now read everything to a datatable and then perform a click action on each one

I do not understand so much in the software and I need it mainly for data collection … there is a situation you visually show how to do it?
I started with this only yesterday

Here you go: