Data scraping answers for questions from an excel

Hi Guys, I am trying to scrape the answers from a survey page where answers include text answers, check boxes etc. I scraped all the questions in an excel (which was successful) and pass those questions as text to “Find Element” activity using Anchor Base method. However, the “Find Element” activity is not working and is throwing a timeout error. Can someone provide some idea on how to do this?
Unfortunately, the web page is on the intranet and cannot be accessed using internet. However, similar examples can be found in the below link and clicking on ‘Play’:

HI @devbitun,
Correct me if I’m wrong. You want to use those questions passed by variable to “find element” to be found on website?


@Alko yes - use the questions as Anchor to search for answers (Base) provided in the UI.

You can try to retrieve text with ‘get attribute’ activity. It should be under ‘text’ pass it then to variable and compare it with if. If is the same as anchor do something.

Thanks, let me give it a try!