Data Scraping Activity Error

Hi all,

I am trying to scrap the data from the online bus booking website in the form of table. But I am not getting it scrapped instead getting this notification while selecting the column.

Please help me out in solving the issue.


hai @110_Sowjanya_Sreenivasan

If the Application Not maximized or not open in the background or if the application hidden by another application…
try to close all other aplication and re scrap

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Hi @110_Sowjanya_Sreenivasan ,
Always open enable website when extract data
close all background task : excel, word, browser…
attach window need get data
maximum window need get data


Hi @sasi_poosarla ,

Thanks for your support, since another url was also opened and since the page was minimized ,couldn’t scrap. Now it is working fine.


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