Data Scrap to Excel Error

Hi All,

My workflow is as follow:

Data scrap => convert to excel (A) => join excel (A) with excel (B)
I am facing an issue with converting the scraped data. Instead of showing a string of numbers for Column A [see row 2], my excel (A) showed this:

Column A Column B Column C
28699395 XXX 555
3.16E+08 YYY 666

This has resulted in unable to join my data in excel (B) as Column A is the common denominator.

Anybody here has the solution?

Hi @myamazingsg,

from where you are doing the datascrap…?
after you did the data scrap what is the result string like?

can provide more details?

From the internet.
I am sorry, I am not familiar with the technical aspects. What is result string? Where can I find this?

Can i have a view on your xaml if possible, kindly send all the files like any excel file, your xaml file and project.json file as will altogether in a zipped folder buddy
We can sort this out
Cheers @myamazingsg