Data Scrap-reading icon

I am reading a table using data scrap
when for each row is used, displaying icon+row value hence unable to click on the rowvalue link how do I ignore the icon name. Icon name and row value is dynamic.

If icon is not scrapped my business rule throws exception. I need Icon to be scrapped
example excel spreedshet rowname1----cannot click
expected output - rowname1

If you have any common difference between those two values, you can simple use string manipulations that you know already.

Can you share any two scenarios for better understanding?

when data scrapping is done we get the file as



excel spreadsheet

so we want only the filename which i need to place in selector

Sorry @KarthikBallary

That was not clear enough to understand. Post the real time values you are getting so that we can understand better :slight_smile:

If it starts or if there is a particular string between those, you can simply achieve

Soory It is confidential I can’t share, but will show you an example

Example Attachment rowname0001 I need to click on this. In Selector it will take rowname0001 only. This rowname0001 and attachm,ent words are dynamic. I can’t make selector dynamic because it wont take attachment word.

Data scrapping data is looped and row value is


we should pass this row value in selector to click on that file .In selector we are passing rowvalue as aaname and the selector is appearing like this

but we need to pass rowname0012 instead of Zip rowname0012 to click on file.

@KarthikBallary, you can check ‘UI Explorer’ mode by typing your value

value is dynamic

not able to split the value also.if posible to split it would be fine

I know it, rowname=‘*“& row.Item(0).toString&”’…this cannot be made becoz row.Item(0).toString value is attachement rowname0001…I need to ignore attachment. Here ‘attachent’ is just an example. It can be anything