Data Scrap-Failing eventually

Data scraping showing zero rows sometimes. Once I logout of web app/restart the studio then it will show zero rows agin dev has to scrap it…it will start working.

Selectors remain same. Wild cards used, fuzzy match also used.

Pls suggest soln ASAP

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@Vajrang @Palaniyappan @sharathraju489

this is the selector

Kindly elaborate a bit more with scenario pls

If it is happening sporadically then I think it’s not the issue with workflow
May be we need to look on what fuzzy match were made


It need to scarp the table:

Selector example parentclass=‘dispaly name is Qarths-36’ this 36 is dnamic. Based on some logic this number might change. Wildcard can’t be used. Fuzzy match sometime works and not. then I choose regex selector- ‘display name is Qarths-\d+’ matching:parentclass=‘regex’

But this works most of the time but rarely threw error. I can’t select even other tags also. No other option

parentclass=‘display name is Qarths-*’ matching:parentclass=‘fuzzy’ fuzzylevel:parentclass=‘0.6’

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Regex search would work perfectly fine
May be the attribute value other than that dynamic numerical value might differ from one instant to another
So let’s try with fuzzy match itself where decrease the fuzziness level close to 0 and not close to 1and try once

Cheers @KarthikBallary

can we use both fuzzy and regex?
Only number is changing

webctrl tabindex=‘0’ class=‘ess-table-canvas mouse-active _ngcontent-TRAFFICKING-\d+ density-cozy’ parentclass=‘ess-table-wrapper _ngcontent-TRAFFICKING-\d+’

webctrl tabindex=‘0’ class=‘ess-table-canvas mouse-active _ngcontent-TRAFFICKING-102 density-cozy’ parentclass=‘ess-table-wrapper _ngcontent-TRAFFICKING-102’

see d diff

regex and fuzzy both not working

Hi @KarthikBallary,

can you share a screenshot of where you scrape the data

No srry confidential

use regex as

ok…will try

I used get attribute to fetch class and parent class…but still its not working

not working

so No solution for this. All scenarios can’t be automated-does this conclude?