Data Scrap-1 lakh rows

I need to scrap the data, but no next page option but only scroll option.
It is scrapping upto 31 rows but has around 1 lakh rows.

I can’t use find children because with this data I need compare with other data table.

Hi @KarthikBallary

Have you set Max Number of results property to 0 in Data Scrapping Wizard

Ashwin S


Hi @KarthikBallary

Share your xaml

Ashwin S

sorry confidential matter

Hi @KarthikBallary,

You can try with this approach:

  1. Use Image exists activity and check for which specifies its end of page.

  2. Now loop until its false.

  3. Inside loop use send Hot key page down.

  4. once you reach end of page then scrap the data, you will get full data.

Let me know for any issues…

There is no page number or something. that table is dynamic. how do I know page is ended?

When there is no more to scroll down the send hotkey will produce an exception after timeout. Catch that exception to know the page is ended.

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I can export that table to excel. I can filter that table based on column. suppose if a column contains points>2000. and scrap the data.
Can filter excel table if so how?