Data Scarping cannot get data

Hi ,everyone
I have a problem with data scraping. Here is my requirement scenario:
I will use word2016 to open a document, there is a table in this document, and then I use data scraping to try to grab the data in the middle of this table.

The problem is that data scraping can specify the object and use it, and there is no error during the execution process, but the actual returned datatable is empty.


And there are two strange phenomena, one is that when the object is specified, the preview data screen is blank;

the other is that when I change the information in the activity ‘Extract Data’ property ‘ExtractMetaData’ ,from


I can get the first row of data in this table , but the second line never works .
And I am sure that when the selector is “get_columns_name=‘1’” ,the datatable object “ExtractDataTable” is empty and also “ExtractDataTable.Columns” is empty .

get_columns_name=‘0’ means donot add header,are there other uses of this extractmetadata property that I’m not aware of?
Waiting online, in a hurry

Hello @maxzz

Data Scarping can be mostly used to extract the web data. Instead of using data scraping for word document how about trying the below ones

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