Data scapping wizard: what is beyond?

Hi to all.
i’m a teacher that use classroom ( a web application like microsoft team more or less…).
i need to extract for all my classes the students classification. there’s a way in classroom but very strangaly it does not export all the values that are shown in screen (web).
so i thought to use data scrapping for each of the classes to extract those values. however as i have more that one class ( actually …10) using data scrapping wizard in which i have to point a column in a class is not the same as in another class. so my title question: how to do that ( data scrapping ) by hand and not with the wizard?

  • using the child activity and controlling all the columns and lines for each of the class?
  • is it possible to use data scrapping for all the classes?
    i must say that for each class there may be diferent classification based on the exercices that was done by the students ( the colums of the table) beeing the lines the students of that class and where in the crossing line / column is the classification for that exercice…

thank you all!

Hello @Antonio_Campos1

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From your screenshot can you please help to identify which of the columns vary for each classes ?


Did we try with Screen Scrapping method on this

  1. Screen scrapping method will give us output as string but in structured format
  2. Pass that string variable as input to GENERATE DATATABLE activity and it will give the output as datatable

Hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @Antonio_Campos1

thank you to all

each class may have diferent columns ( each column is a work/exercice that all students of that class had done). So if i read each line from left to right i see the student’s name, the average and after that ( and for that class) the classifications of all works that that student has done.

as i had said, i would like to have all the tables in a excel file however it’s not very easy because ithat i would always need to point ( in studio for a piece of the table) and that to do for all the classes that i have.

however i’ve read an approach which seen to be very good. that is use find children activity plus data scrapping ( but for data scrapping i use an element obtained via for each in the list of find children and where the attribute tag is ‘table’.

now i’m strugling with that: in which place in that web page shell i point to have all children that i want?

thank you …

hello to all

my last post is with another “little” problem.
so for "data scapping ( shoud be scrapping sorry!) : what is beyond? it’s done!!!

you’re a big big big help!
thank you all!

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