Data row is overwritten every time it loops through the process

Hello All,

I am new to RPA and uipath.
I have an process in which I have various links in a google sheet. I read the sheet, store in DT and loop through the links and navigate to a website. Based on some inputs I extract data into a data table. Process the data in the data table and I stored the finally processed data in a new output DT.

At the end of each loop I use Add Data row and array of values to populate the DT.

So, after processing link 1 the data in the output DT has 1 row.
now, when it processes link 2, the data in the output DT is overwritten .

What must I do in this case?
Thank you for your time.


Hi @Prathyusha_P

Use append range!


Thank you for the reply. But in the Data table activities I dont see an append range. Could you please telll me where should I exactly use append range?


Append Range activity will be under Excel Package.

Hi @Prathyusha_P

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Under manage package → all packages—>Excel.Activities

After Adddatarow try with append range or Else use writerange Outside the body of the loop With the addDataRow Dt.