Data Row in Reframework


Please someone suggest me the process.

  1. Using RE framework i am ready data from excel.
  2. In process transaction state each row will be in data row format.
  3. I want to view all the row data’s. I can view only single column data by using datarow.item(“columnname”) i want to view all the row data. How can I view it?



You can view it by writing it to a excel file.

Thats what I am asking in return am getting a single data I want to get whole row data.

Maybe you can use the datarow.ItemArray
Gets or sets all the values for this row through an array.

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May be we can view like this
In writeline activity which will display all the elements in a Datarow separated by —

Cheers @monish06


Another way is using READ Range to Excel sheet file, save the file to DataTable, Output DataTable to be a string. Write line to show the string.