Data Row Expression Editor Compiler Error

Hello, I’m stuck around an error and unable to move ahead. Pl. suggest me what wrong I’m doing here:

Error: Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression “(row.item[“number”].ToString.strstatus)” identifier expected.

What is .strstatus?
You better use (“number”) rather than [“number”]

The issue has been fixed, i was supposed to type (,strstatus) as variable instead of (.strstatus).

The process got through, however, while data entry process getting the below error:

Hi @shakeelahmedrind

Think so ,variable strsatus is empty/not initialized.

Initialize it similar to below


Object reference not set error usually get if you are passing any null value

Check is there any null value and rectify that

Hope this helps you


Thanks everyone, the issue is fixed. Appreciate your response and support!

I was supposed to type (,strstatus) as variable instead of (.strstatus)